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G-Trend Introduction
Founded in 1983, Good Way owns the expertise in USB and IEEE 1394 peripherals and well known for innovative capability as well as being a worldwide leading manufacturer. The complete structure and integration of R&D and sales service supports provide you the excellent solution in product development and technical service. Wherever you are, Good Way should do you the immediate backup and reliable business partner.
Worldwide Business Arrangement
Currently, there are more than 1,200 employees in Good Way group, including the headquarters in Taipei, three factories and one operating center in China and USA branch office in California. The production and operation are compliant with ISO 9001/14001 standards overall, which ensure the high quality and strict management in materials and labor force. The strong purchasing capability and modularized manufacturing also cause the effective capacity to meet your rush order for hot season. Besides, the equipments and factory layout are both compliant with the latest industry standard such as RoHS for environmental protection.
Qualified OEM/ODM Strategical Partner
Good Way always keeps quality as the core-value while doing R&D and sales service. What we are proud is the great integration in EE and ID design, which makes products have the functional utility and attractive appearance. Based on our initial technical specifications, you also could ask for the exclusive ID for market segmentation. With the top R&D team, Good Way could realize your idea and specifications on paper easily and turns them into the specific goods. We should be your unique and reliable partner of OEM/ODM business.
Get the Fruitful Achievement in CE Field, Enrich Your Digital Life
In 2005, Good Way got a great performance in USB Phone and Digital Broadcasting Receivers. It not only means the extension of product lines, but also leaping forward to the competitive CE market. As we know, the gap between IT/3C products and home appliances are getting narrow. Someday, PC functions could be built-in every home appliances. What Good Way plans to do is developing more interesting CE products and helping people have digital home full of digital entertainment and limitless funs. This purpose will become a motivation and drive Good Way keep strive toward.
Devoted in Industrial Network Device and Home Automation
Good Way is dedicated to long term development of industrial and field communication products, includes serial converter, USB server, serial server, communication card, industrial grade wired and wireless network switch.  In addition, with the advanced wireless product design capability in the field, we commit to home automation solution utilizing low data rate of RF technology to build a better home environment and to achieve energy saving. With our wide range of offering, we are the leading provider of high end industrial communication device and home automation solution.  Good Way could be your reliable and best choice of long term business strategic partner.