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TD14010 R.G.B.W Color LED Dimmer
TD14010 R.G.B.W Color LED Dimmer

Our products enable you choose indoor lights on or off automatically every time according to your schedules setting. You can also set the system to turn one set of light on 10 minutes before you get home and turn another off half an hour after you’ve gone to bed.




  • Apart from traditional RGB channels,it supports the additional white light channel, which allows for adding pastel color to the color scheme.
  • RGBW Dimmer allows to connect four output channels and independently control each light sources.(single channel output power max to 7A)
  • Control your color lighting either manually via switches or your
  • LED lighting perfectly suits modern design, you can create your own
  • Support 4 Dimmer Mode for 4 independant LED strips


Data Rate

9.6kbps / 40kbps / 100kbps

Operation Range

100 feet (About 30M)

Max load
(e.g.halogen bulbs)

At 12V - 156W combined
At 24V - 312W combined

Operation Temp.

0~40 ° C
Indoor use

Power Supply

12V / 24V DC

Rated output power

Combined 13A;7A for single output channel


EU:868.42 MHz / US:908.4 MHz / JP:922.5 MHz

Electricity consumption

12V / 0.48W ; 24V / 0.72W

Radio signal power


LED Indicator

Red/Green x1


Inclusion /Exclusion


Z-Wave® Plus

Regulatory Approvals

CE / FCC / Z-Wave® Plus

*Specification is subject to change without further notice