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Door & Window Sensor
This unit is designed to detect door or window that open or close.
It is easy to install by user's self and fully compatible with Z-Wave® technology. With the built-in Z-Wave®, user can monitor the door or window anywhere, even they are away from home.

Wireless IP Camera
IP Cameras are easy to install and  portable design allowing consumers to move them whenever they choose.
 Through the Z-Gate platform, users can control their security by viewing live vedio and receive important notifications on mobile devices anytime.

Home Gateway(Z-Gate)
Z-Gate is designed to connect and communicate multi Z-Wave® devices. Feature packed, tiny and powerful Z-Wave® home gateway to communicate. Monitor and control your home remotely from anywhere in the world using a mobile phone or tablet PC.

Z-Wave® Siren Alarm
Inclusion of this Indoor Siren on wireless controller Z-Gate platform allows a full alarm condition to be generated once a connected Z-WaveTM enabled device has been triggered.

Home Safety KIT

The best way to make your home safer

  • Home preservation wireless technology, cloud security guards keep control your home whenever and wherever.
  • Can be used with APP friendly, easy interface based on user needs and context editing, customized your exclusive deposition for home security.
  • The best solution to get started for smart home recommended.