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Good Way Shows Customization Prowess via Comprehensive Home Solutions

Good Way, the Taiwan based manufacturer who has cultivated an expertise in computer peripherals since its establishment in 1983, has long ago foreseen the potentials of smart home market and dedicated itself to long-term development of home automation solutions with a focus on Z-Wave technology. Now the Z-Wave-based product lines are open for OEM/ODM partners to leverage, helping them shorten TTM and thus enhance competitiveness.

Comprehensive Product Lines
Good Way provides comprehensive product lines optimized for a total control over five categories: control system, light, security, environment and energy saving.

The Good Way control systems are available in several options including  Wi-Fi/LAN home gateways and Z-Wave gateways. The Z-Wave gateways, Z-Dongle and Z-Control, are actually offered in the form of Micro USB and Micro USB dongles that can be directly plugged in a PC, smartphone or tablet. In addition, the Z-Gate series also have two models—FG3200 (WiFi to Z-Wave Home gateway) and FG2200 (LAN to Z-Wave Home gateway). The variety of gateway products provide customers with flexible solutions, allowing them to connect devices in ways they like.

As for the light control category, LED dimmer and modules are offered; the security control comprises of magnetic door/window sensor, PIR sensor, IR sensor and IP cam solution; the environment control includes CO2 sensor and PM 2.5 sensor; to facilitate energy effectiveness, power switches, power monitor switches and in-wall power monitor modules are all provided.

Good Way also permits customers to build their own smart home network by offering the software development kit (SDK) which helps them create unique products and solutions with efficiency. As for OEM requirements based on other protocols, Good Way provides solutions with BLE or ZigBee-based connectivity as well.

Excellent Customization Capabilities
Good Way has accumulated a great deal of valuable experience in OEM/ODM for years. With the in-house R&D team that consists of talented industrial design, electronics, mechanical and software engineers, the company is able to bring clients' innovative ideas to life via customization services. The manufacturing processes are also compliant with the ISO 9001/14001 standards, and the factory layout/equipments meet the latest industry standards, such as RoHS.

With the R&D prowess, strong production capability, comprehensive product lines and oversea sale channels, Good Way can therefore offer high-quality products at competitive prices and has become one of the best OEM/ODM partners for clients all over the world.